Central Library Renewal

Current status: We eagerly await the recommendations of the Catalyst Committee to be provided to City Council in the new year. For more information on the Catalyst Committee, see our FAQ section.

Welcome to RPL’s Central Library renewal website.

Central Library Renewal is about ensuring our Central Library building has what it takes to allow RPL to deliver quality programs and services to the community.  

Based on much study and analysis, the RPL Board of Directors has concluded that the current building can’t provide the space and flexibility required to effectively support the needs of our customers. 

They have confirmed that the best approach to creating the space we need is to construct a new building on the current site. 

This website provides further information about the current building, a project timeline and PDFs of documents the Board used to make its decision, and a look at the possibilities of a new build. The What’s New section provides up-to-date information on the status of the project. We also have an FAQ section to answer questions you might have about the project. 

Our Purpose is to provide community services, spaces, and technologies to inspire discovery, learning, and connection.