Central Library Renewal

Current Status

RPL today released an Expression of Interest (EOI) on March 7, 2024, inviting property developers to provide information about potential partnerships and locations for the new Central Library building.

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The Next Chapter

It’s a sunny day, and you’re enjoying a walk through Regina’s Victoria Park. Emerging from the trees, you see a beautiful building on the corner of Lorne and 12th.

People bustle in and out of its welcoming entrance. You walk inside to take a closer look, and are greeted by large, open spaces, tall ceilings, and a flood of natural light. By its very nature the space is welcoming and inviting, and you decide to investigate further.

There are so many things going on! All around you are areas devoted to browsing and reading, programming, studying, visiting, and so much more. You can hear kids laughing in a children’s area. There are places designated for truth and reconciliation, the study of prairie history, and learning and literacy. The Dunlop Art Gallery is bold and beautiful, and the RPL Film Theatre is here too.

And as you watch all that is going on, you realize that this amazing place belongs to the community.

It’s ours. It’s yours.

Everyone is welcome. There is no fee. You don’t need a reason to be here.

You feel an immense pride that your city has something this beautiful, this practical, and this dynamic available to all people.

It truly is the heart of the city.


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Community-wide Benefits

A modern library will provide for the community in so many ways.

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Years of Research

Information and reports from over 14 years of research.

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